Flash ads, please make it stop

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I really fricking hate Flash. Not that you needed to be told this. It kind of looks nice when it works, except when it crashes your browser. It eats your CPU time and is buggy, there's a word we use to refer to software like that, it's 4 letters, starts in an s and ends in a t.

There's another reason not to like Flash though that's got less to do with the Flash program itself but more to do with how people use it. More than ever advertisers are using Flash to display animated or interactive advertising on webpages. That kind of nice in a way, I guess, because you can essentially build custom miniature apps in the advertising window. I do have a problem when advertising starts interfering with what I do. I mean, auto adverts with cars running across the screen? How about video adverts which pop up and plays automatically (with sound!) when you load a news site, or a sound-only advertising that plays in the background that has no stop button? I mean, really? Seriously, isn't that going too far? It's really distracting and really fricking annoying. I've always felt that advertising agencies have a general hate towards content consumers. I'll tell you the first thing I do when I see junk running across the screen or some video ad running just in the middle of when I'm reading the news, I tell the ad to f-off by clicking the "X" button in the corner (if there's one at all). Ads, sure, but not like this, thanks.

All thanks for a fairly prominent Sydney-based newspaper which recently started doing this and pushed me over the limit, I've now got Click to Flash installed in Safari. Now, Flash does not load automatically, it only loads when you click on the Flash window. Why don't browsers come with these things by default (by the way, Safari already has a checkbox which allows you to disable Flash), all browsers should have a "Webpage De-annoy-alizer" tab in the Preferences window that allows you to do things like this.