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[問] How to install mingLiu.ttc

Dear All,

I'm a novice at Debian and I would like to know how we can install the mingLiu.ttu font onto Debian(Sarge v.3.01r). I've installed Perl by running "#apt-get install libft-perl".

However, when I tried to run "#defoma-hints truetype mingliu.ttc > ttf-mingliu.hints", I got error message "Segmentation fault".

Could somebody give me a hand?

Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards,

[問] 请教,如何把isolinux的提示信息变为中文?


我想把isolinux的提示信息变为中文,看了一下官方网站,它可以支持中文显示,需要加载一个.psf(PC Screen Font)的字体文件,我不知道如何找到或使用什么工具来生成这个格式的文件。

apt GPG sign 問題

wanleung 也提過了,不過在此發佈一下。這幾天 sid 或以上使用者在 apt-get update 時應會遇到以下問題:

W: GPG error: ftp://ftp.hk.debian.org sid Release: 由于没有公钥,
下列签名无法进 行验证: NO_PUBKEY 010908312D230C5F


wget -O - http://ftp-master.debian.org/ziyi_key_2006.asc | apt-key add -  



[問] 某些網頁的下拉選單被Flash遮蓋住

在Firefox安裝Macromedia Flash plugin之後,上網時某些網頁的下拉選單被Flash遮蓋住,請問有何辦法解決?

[問] Flashplayer problem on Debian Sarge


我是新手於Linux的世界中,看過很多文件後決定安裝Debian Sarge Linux.因為網上評價最好,最隱定及最安全的,所以想花多點時間去了解.當安裝完成後一切都很正常,於多個平常去開的網站也冇問題.但上nowbroadband.com就問題來了,要用flashplayer.於是從Macromedia下載及安裝.OK,可以進入了但中英文字唔見晒,下拉清單也一樣.心想會不會是字體問,就用Synaptic安裝所有Traditional Chinese Big5 ttf字形,但一樣冇用.再想會不會是x11字形問題,於是再安裝gsfonts及所有x行頭的fonts.終於英文冇問題,但中文始終冇反應.請問各位有冇人可以幫忙解決呢.

[問] APIC error on CPU0:40(40)

I use woody is ok, but use Stable(Sarge) & Kernel 2.6.8-2-686-smp is often show "APIC error on CPU0:40(40).

Please help to solve it. My server config as:-

Intel PII x 2
Hard disk 13G x 1 , 160G x 2
Promise Ultra133 TX2 Controller card
Ram 512MB

[問] Cheap and Stable Hardware Config

Hi everybody, I am quite new to Debian Linux. I plan to build a server which needs to be stable.

Any good hardware suggestion ? Is AMD or Intel better in terms of stability and compatibility.

Thanks in advance.

[問]P5LD2-VM + Maxtor 250G SATA

我想問如果我將Bios轉做Comnpatible Mode SATA only
但係我將佢轉做Primary PATA + SATA又搵得番
將狀態為Primary PATA + SATA果陣
我用Debian 2.6 install, 去到準備partition HDD果陣
佢又搵唔到隻HDD, 我已經試過揀aci_piix, 但係都係唔得

唔該!! 謝謝!!

[間] upgrade problems

Dear all expert

sorry for my silly question first !

I am using the debian woody (3.0) , i am planning to upgrade to the sarge (3.01) . can i only use apt-get upgarde to upgade the server ? what should i do before upgrade ?

some services is using tar ball install . should i care about this ?

Thanks !

[問]How to force Debian 3.1's mySQL 4.1 using utf8-general-ci charset for all table and databse

Hi all,

after install the mysql 4.1 on Debian 3.1, later I donwloaded the SMF (SimpleMachine.org) forum and success installed it ...

But when I using phpmyadmin login to mysql localhost ..., see all table are using MyISAM and the charset are all lanti

I want to force mysql all using utf8_general_ci, since my forum and all other application base on myssql are for Chinese ... utf8 for me is useful!

Can anyone teach me how to build a database and table that all support utf8_general_ci


Best Regards,
Jimmy Chan

[問] 想請教各位高手, Progress Databae能否於Debian上安裝??

因為我只看見它說Support, RH, SuSe和Turbo Linux

[問] 关于S-TECH,我需要你们的帮助






CPU:AMD 2800+


MotherBoard:ASUS K8N4-E


在windows下,识别出来的是NVIDIA nForce2 网络总线(network bus)和nForce的网络控制器


我的BIOS里也找不到JUMP LESS这个选项,于是我的IRQ/IO途径也宣告失利。

[問] Help: how to config DirectFB to play video

I have tried many times,but when running the example to play a MPG file,
there's a error:
CreateVideoProvider error: no sutiable implementation found!

these are my install steps:
1.install libmpeg3 downlaod from DirectFB [OK]
2.install DirectFB-0.9.22 [ok]
3.try to install DirectFB-extra-0.9.22
--configure said "Not found libmpeg3,so this module will not be built"
--and "make": there'are several error compiling avifile source codes
4.So,I found there's only v4l library in interfaces/IDirectFBVideoProvier/
It's all right to show pictures or fonts
but failed to play Videos(MPG files)


Choose a correct answer

A. LINUX is developed originally for home PCs, UNIX is for mainframes and supercomputers
B. LINUX is freely-distributable open source, UNIX is not
C. LINUX is multi-tasking, UNIX is not
D. LINUX is developed under the GNU General Public License, UNIX is not

The correct answer is C

source from: http://www.ouhk.edu.hk/itworld/

Really? UNIX is NOT multi-tasking?