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[HKLUG] Empowering your web by using PHP and MySQL

01/01/1970 - 08:00

LAMP (GNU/Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) 一直是WWW應用程式的夢幻組合,HKLUG 定於本月24日(週六) 與新華理大培訓及研發中心DataWorld開放系統研用協會合辦題為「Empowering your web by using PHP and MySQL」的公開講座,歡迎各界人士參予。本講座由下午二時半開始。為方便預計人數及安排物資,請即到 http://www.linux.org.hk/node/713/ 登記留座。

[問] A question from new learner of Linux =)

Hi everybody:

I'm a new learner of Linux, I have just bought a box of Linux distrubution set "Rays LX" (Debian/核心2.6.9/GNOME 2.6/XFREE86 4.3.0) at the Computer EXPO recently. I have been installed it on my computer (very easy ). But still trying to config it.

I bought it because I saw it mentioned that it contained a lot of Chinese support e.g. many chinese input method. Can anyone tell me is it a good package for a new user to learn Linux?? And does it have a big different compare whith "Red Hat"?? Also, is it have any different between "Debian" and "Linux" ??

As based on my understanding, they're using the same Linux 核心, but use different application, am I right??

[問] Problem installing Debian Sarge for HighPoint HPT370 raid controller

I encountered endless rebooting after installing Debian Sarge on HighPoint HPT370 raid controller. I just can little statment "loading stage 1.5" something like that.

Anyone who also suffered from such problem?
Anyone who can teach me to solve this problem?

Thanks so much for any helps ^^



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[問] software installation from Suse server (urgent)

我有1 novell suse pro. 行緊 samba, 大約20 workstation, 其中5 workstation 係 xp,98. 我想將"a/c's software install 5 workstation FROM suse pro". 這樣做我要開什麼services, and 怎樣先做到???

thx... alot

[問] vhost in apache2

my machine is debian sarge 3.1
# uname -a

I would like to use virtual host in apache2,it is quiet diff w/ other version.

I did the following steps:-
-added my ip ...
-add ServerName...
-make a file /var/ww/dn1/index.html
-make symbolic link
-restart apache2

/etc/apache2/sites-available# ls
default domain1
/etc/apache2/sites-available# cat domain1
NameVirtualHost 203.x.x.x

ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
ServerName www.domain1.com
DocumentRoot /var/www/dn1/


cd /var/www/dn1# ls

[問] xp ipp connect to cups problem

首先我有一套行緊o既print server 係samba + cups在fedora-c2上面行. 大概50 workstations 98se, xp sp1/sp2 + 10部printers 當中ink, laser jet, dot matrix. 運作十分穩定.

由於我只需要打印服務, 就想直接連接cups而不經過samba. 當中98o既ipp client 我已從m$找到安裝及測試後並沒有任何問題. 但xp反而是我的問題? xp已有ipp client不需另外裝甚麼, 當我在xp連接上"htt..:631\printers\printer"選好driver並看見load 埋driver(見xp copy 所需driver file到system)問題就出現, 部腦就企定o左(一般到此就應該跳出完成畫面)!? 經過幾部電腦測試後, 當中有成功安裝例子, 但到試印時一樣當機. 其實當機係有個"spoolsv.exe"用足100%CPU. 我還可用上一分鐘安出關機畫面.

[問] install nForce2 Ultra 400 driver

Hi all debian users,

I would like to ask what is the procdure to install nVidia nForce2 Ultra 400 chipset driver? A link to another How-to guides would be really helpful also.

This question sounds stupid, but I've spent nearly many hours on it and find no clue what should be done. I am using 'testing' distribution. I have also compiled the kernel again.

Thanks for all kindly replies.

[問] debian-amd64 Hong Kong mirror?

因著 64-bit desktop CPU 的即將盛行,Debian HK 是否
已有 amd64 port 的 mirror? 或有沒有打算設立一個?

[問] Sendmail Vs Postfix

Which one is more suitable for a home email server ?

[問] USB & Audio problem in Debian Sarge

I am a newbie to Linux. I first installed Fedora Core 4 and after a few day browsing discovered Debian philosophy is much closer to original idea of "Free is Freedom", I switched to Debian 3.1. However, my USB memory stick and the audio sound refused to work unlike in FC4.

Could anyone please show me how to diagnose and rectify the problem ?

Thank you.

[問] Two domain on one machine

I am newbie both to networking and Linux, pardon me if I sound stupid when I ask is it possible to maintain 2 domains on one single machine with each domain has its own web and email server ? To complicated the things further, could this be achieved with one dynamic IP address ?

Any solution ?

[問] Why i can't type chinese in the openoffice?

when i use the openoffice i can't type chinese.
but i can type that in the mozilla.

[問] scim 簡易輸入法

scim 既簡易輸入法既排字order可唔可以好似windows咁唔變,或者好似XCIN咁排呢?
另,我用sarge, gdm, gnome, CWTTF做display字. 打中文時有的字係怪獸,可以點解決呢?

[問] Display Chinese folder/files name in Debian

I'm using a samba services sharing files with my Windows machine.
I'm going to display the chinese folder name which placed in Debian via putty.
I had read old post, but still find problems on it.

The step is:
Put some files which is chinese into Debian system via samba.
And now I'm able to remote my debian via Putty, but I wanna to see that files which is chinese in Putty.

What can I do ?