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[問] install debian in sata raid 1

Hi i am using the stable version of debian installation disk and use the linux26 option to install .... when the installation proccess run to the disk partition, it can recognize my computer has 2 sata hardisks ... sda and sdb. but i don't know how to partition these sata raid harddisk, anyone can give me some instructions or hides ?? i am not understand what is the meaning of logical volume manager ....

[問] Debian下,Postgresql+Apache+PHP4安装与配置方法

求Debian sarge3.1下,Postgresql+Apache+PHP4安装与配置方法,本人是新手,还请各位大侠多多关照!!!

[問] su: permission denied

I try to run postgresql.
When I run su - postgresql -c 'xxxx' interactively, it is ok.
If put under init.d, it complains that "... Permission denied".

postgresql cannot be run as root.
But "su" leads to "Permission denied".

How to run "su - postgres" when the system boots?


[問] about sound plugin

i don't know why i can't play the music, but i have already download the realplay.

[問] How to put Java to Mozilla

i have already download the jre, but i don't know how to put it to Mozilla.
Please help me.

[問] Is it the best interest for Red Flag to base their system on Debian instead?

Currently Red Flag bases its system on Red Hat, which is not as free, far less versatile, much smaller software repository, more difficult to maintain and upgrade than Debian.

I just wonder whether it is the best interest for Red Hat to switch to Debian instead.

It can just use the Debian repository (without wasting its resources to make a new distribution) and just develop a custom installer, which has tasks for the installation of Chinese environment (printing, input, display etc,) and possibly a custom kernel (with extra security feature such as NE and SELinux) and a SELinux-compliant toolchain. Red Flag can just base its system on the most recent stable version (Sarge at present). This would be sufficient since the release cycle of Debian proper would be considerbly faster than before.

[問] A new linux user need something help

Hi all,
I have installed mandrake for a period of time. After i visted so many linux website, i find debian's give me a very good image that they their website, document and manual is well prepared in detail. According to many people opinions, their distribution is very stable. So I planed to move into Debain 3.1. and download its CDs from offical site by jigdo. But there are 14 CDs which made me don't know how many of them i should download because i can't find any information about how the applications are spread between the CDs.
Hope anyone can help.

[問] Are there any discussion group for Debian KDE in HK ?

Dear All:

Are there any discussion/論壇 group for Debian KDE in HK ?

Let me know the web link please .

[問] Can the public libraries lend the Debian to the readers?

I want to recommend the public libraries in Hong Kong to buy the softwares of Debian so that the readers can borrow the software and manual. The copy may be the one that can be downloaded for the internet freely.
However, I would like to clarify the issue of copyright whether the reader
can freely duplicate and install the software. I think it is a good way to
promote the use of linux as it can be introduced to the people. Please
kindly reply.

[問] ttf-fireflysung is missing?

Had tried to follow the instructions for chinese support in the knowledge base, I just found that the firefly font is dead link. The file is also missing in the taiwan site. is it due to any special reason?

[問] Add item to menu?

After installation of OpenOffice 1.4,
it is under /usr/local/

How to make it available from menu of the top menu bar such as
Applications -> Open Office -> Word


[問] How to know the version of Debian?

After installation of Sarge, any command to display the Debian version?

選擇輸入引擎新方案 - im-switch

Debian 一直都沒有為大家自動啟動輸入法引擎(Input Method Engine),要大家自己去動手地執行。最近進入 sid 的 im-switch 終於為這個問題提供了一個方案。

im-switch 這個新指令可以讓使用者選擇自己喜愛的輸入法引擎。要列出現時支援的輸入法引擎可以打:

im-switch -l

然後你可以用"im-switch -s imengine"選擇你喜愛的輸入法引擎,例如:

$ im-switch -s scim

這個指令會為你在 ~/.xinput.d 建立一個連結(symbolic link),令你以後進入X時都會自動啟動scim成為你的輸入法引擎。如果你在root帳戶輸入上面的指令,你設定的就不是用戶root的輸入法引擎,而是整個系統的輸入法引擎了。你可以加入 -z 選項設定不同語系(locale)的語系。例如:

[問] What is the name of profile?

What is the profile name in Debian?
(I know it is .bash_profile in redhat.)

[問] bacula can't connect to mysql - pls help!!

Dear all,
i just insatll the bacula by apt-get, include the bacula-dir-mysql.
but the bacula director can't start because it can't connect to my mysql database, i had already create the bacula database and the correspond tables.............. but bacula seems don't know it exist ...
i checked the mysql logs ... and foud nothing about bacula . ....
what can i do ?? pls. help!!
i am using debian 3.1.... the mysql is also installed by debian package.