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Google Linux 軟件的 Debian repository

Google 建立了一個 Debian repository,目前內裡有 picasa 與 Google desktop,希望日後有更多的 Linux 軟件 Smiling

關於如何使用,請參考我們的 wiki

升級到 Etch 了嗎?

36% (116 票)
5% (15 票)
2% (8 票)
我只用 testing/unstable
13% (41 票)
Etch 是什麼?
44% (141 票)

2007 年度 Project Leader 選舉結束

2007 年度的 Project Leader 選舉終於在 4 月 7 日結束,新一屆的 project leader 為 Sam Hocevar,現任 project leader Anthony Towns 以較低的得票率未能成功連任。這次共有 482 位 Debian 開發者 投票,占所有開發者的百分之 46.5。

Debian Etch (4.0) 正式發布

Hamm and Etch

Debian Etch (4.0) 終於在 Sarge (3.1) 發布(2005 年 6 月 6 日)後的一年零十個月正式推出,這個版本的改進除了包括了超過 18,000 個套件外,還包括新的安裝程式,支援加密分區,可以安裝多個硬件架構的 multi-arch CD,更安全的 APT 等。本版本還增加了 AMD 64 的套件。

我們正在 mirror Etch 的 CD, 目前你可以在 Debian HK 的 FTP 上找到 i386/amd64 的 business card 和 netinst CD ISO,其他的我們會陸續更新,不過建議大家用 BT,這樣可以減少我們伺服器的負擔。

Etch 快將推出

Andreas Barth 在 debian-devel-announce mailing list 中表示,雖然他們原先計劃在四月一日當天公布 Debian Etch 的正式推出,但可惜因為仍有數個 release critical bug 未 fix(跟據 仍有 5 個 RC bug),所以估計還要等一個星期(或更多)才能慶柷 Etch 的發布了。



we're almost at the release now, but before you start to party, there are still a few important steps missing. So we thought we'd give you an overview of our current status.

Most release critical bugs are resolved now. If you are able to help us with one of the remaining bugs, be welcome, and be fast.

The most important step that remains to be done is to finalize the release notes, skim through the update reports and - well, fix the last remaining few blockers. Etch is of a very good technical quality, and we just need to polish a few remaining issues.

In order to have the time to do so, we are going to move the release for another week or so. Our secret plan was to announce the release on April 1st (that would have been fun, don't you think so Smiling ), but well - quality is
more important.

Debian Release Team




自從 Ubuntu 面世後,你有冇諗過由 Debian 轉用 *Ubuntu?

冇,一世用死 Debian
33% (47 票)
有,一早轉晒 Debian 做 Ubuntu
18% (25 票)
Debian 同 Ubuntu 都有用
20% (29 票)
14% (20 票)
我冇用開 Debian
8% (11 票)
咩係 *Ubuntu?
7% (10 票)

[知識] Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) 安裝手冊

Step-by-step教你安裝Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft)

FontConfig 2.4+

Debian sid 最近把 FontConfig upgrade 到 2.4.x
很多人會發現不能 update font cache
而且 load Desktop Environment 很慢

因為由 2.4.0 起 font cache system 改了
大家只要改一下 /etc/fonts/fonts.conf 就可以 fix 了



然後 run:
# fc-cache -f

Glad to here the major hardware maker to align itself with Debian

By Robert Mullins, San Francisco | Tuesday, 15 August, 2006

Hewlett-Packard is throwing its support behind the Debian Linux distribution, the first major hardware maker to align itself with the noncommercial community-based Linux offering.

HP says it will support Debian Linux on its ProLiant and HP BladeSystem servers, and what it says is the industry's first Debian Linux customisable thin client from a major vendor, the new HP t5725 Thin Client server.

HP is supporting Debian because it has been shipping Debian Linux servers to customers in the fields of telecommunications and high-performance technical computing, says Jeffrey Wade, open source and Linux marketing manager at HP's offices in Houston. HP's involvement with the Debian dates back to 1995, he says.

apt GPG sign 問題

wanleung 也提過了,不過在此發佈一下。這幾天 sid 或以上使用者在 apt-get update 時應會遇到以下問題:

W: GPG error: sid Release: 由于没有公钥,
下列签名无法进 行验证: NO_PUBKEY 010908312D230C5F


wget -O - | apt-key add -  
Add to calendar