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亞洲首屆 Debian mini-conf 二月廿八日在北京舉行

01/01/1970 - 08:00

2005年2月28日 Debian mini-conf 將會第一次在亞洲舉行,地點是中國首都北京。是次 mini-conf 的負責人是 Debian developer Roger So。既然是第一次在亞洲地區舉行的Debian大型活動,當然是十分值得慶祝的。這次Debian mini-conf 邀得很多有分量的人士參與,包括 Debian project leader Martin Michlmayr,台灣的 Andrew Lee 以及從中國、日本和其他國家到來的講者。會議分為兩天舉行,第一天的會議結束後還有 key-signing party。整個議程可以在這裏找到。兩天的會議結束后,還有兩天的 CodeFest!

十三歲的女 Debian 系統管理員

Carlos Liu 的 blog 提到在 將會出現了一位只有十三歲的演講者 - Elizabeth Garbee 。這位小妹妹可不簡單,九歲開始用 Debian ,而現在的 就是她在未滿十歲前架設的。

NewsForge 訪問 Debian Project Leader Martin Michlmayr

Newsforge 早幾天刊登一篇 Martin Michlmayr (Debian Project Leader) 的訪問。主要內容談及有關即將推出的 Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (Sarge) 最新消息。

DSA-610 cscope - insecure temporary file

A vulnerability has been discovered in cscope, a program to
interactively examine C source code, which may allow local users to
overwrite files via a symlink attack.

DSA-609 atari800 - buffer overflows

Adam Zabrocki discovered multiple buffer overflows in atari800, an
Atari emulator. In order to directly access graphics hardware, one of
the affected programs is installed setuid root. A local attacker
could exploit this vulnerability to gain root privileges.

DSA-608 zgv - integer overflows, unsanitised input

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in zgv, an SVGAlib
graphics viewer for the i386 architecture. The Common Vulnerabilities
and Exposures Project identifies the following problems:

DSA-607 xfree86 - several vulnerabilities

Several developers have discovered a number of problems in the libXpm
library which is provided by X.Org, XFree86 and LessTif. These bugs
can be exploited by remote and/or local attackers to gain access to
the system or to escalate their local privileges, by using a specially
crafted XPM image.

DSA-606 nfs-utils - wrong signal handler

SGI has discovered that rpc.statd from the nfs-utils package, the
Network Status Monitor, did not ignore the "SIGPIPE". Hence, a client
prematurely terminating the TCP connection could also terminate the
server process.

DSA-605 viewcvs - settings not honored

Haris Sehic discovered several vulnerabilities in viewcvs, a utility
for viewing CVS and Subversion repositories via HTTP. When exporting
a repository as a tar archive the hide_cvsroot and forbidden settings
were not honoured enough.

DSA-604 hpsockd - missing input sanitising

"infamous41md" discovered a buffer overflow condition in hpsockd, the
socks server written at Hewlett-Packard. An exploit could cause the
program to crash or may have worse effect.

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