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Debian Weekly News - June 1st 2004

This was a very quiet week, probably since many Debian developers are attending this year's Debian conference. Peter Palfrader announced that he is organising a keysigning party at this year's LinuxTag. If you want to participate, please submit your key no later than June 19th.

  • Notes from the Debian Conference
  • Central Hardware Database
  • Rewriting the DFSG
  • Report from Linuxwochen, Vienna
  • Debian 3.1 LinuxTag Preview DVD


國內首個 Debian GNU/Linux 發行版本發布

國內終於出現首個基於 Debian 的 distro,由新華科技系統軟件有限公司 (SWHSS)開發,名為“華鐳 RAYS LX”(名字好像不太適合香港人的習慣,叫它 Rays 好了)。Rays 是一個以易用為目標的發行版本,所以除了自行開發的安裝界面,還用了大量最新版本的軟件,例如 Gnome 2.6,還加上不少 patch 使之顯示和 print 中文都沒有問題。附帶一題,Rays 的輸入法 Unihan 也是自行開發的,基於 IIIMF (屏棄 XIM),具有繁簡轉換功能。

Debian Weekly News - May 25th, 2004

The June issue of the Australian Personal Computer magazine includes a Debian 3.0 DVD and an installation guide. We've been told that users can install Debian seamlessly through Overclockix, another Knoppix variant, as well.

  • Debian from Scratch
  • Package Build Errors
  • How to declare versioned Dependencies?
  • Linux Kernel 2.6.6 for SE/Linux i386
  • Base System Dependencies
  • Debian Kernel Packaging
  • Debian Kernels for non-x86 Architectures
  • Spam on the Lists
  • Anatomy of the Debian Filesystem
  • Debian Packages a Day redesigned
  • Improved Kaffe on the Way
  • GNOME 2.6 for Debian unstable
  • Debian Conference 2004

More ...

Gnome 2.6 開始進入 Sid

用 Debian Sid (Unstable) 的朋友應該會留意到 GTK+2.4 、GLib 2.4 和 Pango 1.4 等已進入了 Debian Sid ,這也意味著 Sid 升級至 Gnome 2.6 的計劃已完成了第二階段。

Debian 保安警報: heimdal, cadaver, neon, cvs

編號 套件 描述 請升級至
504 heimdal 漏了輸入檢查 (遠程) 0.4e-7.woody.9
505 cvs heap overflow (遠程) 1.11.1p1debian-9woody4
506 neon buffer overflow (本地) 0.19.3-2woody5
507 cadaver buffer overflow (本地) 0.18.0-1woody3

Debian Weekly News - May 18th, 2004

In an interview Miguel de
Icaza said
that Debian's community commitment is fantastic, but it is a very hard platform
to support for an independent software vendor. Philip Charles also announced
new K6 mini iso images.

  • Two Debian Developers died
  • Status of Java to main Effort
  • Debian powers Binoculars
  • Status of GNOME 2.6 for unstable
  • Should Sun use Debian GNU/Linux?
  • Supporting more Features
  • Removing System Accounts
  • Right of Publicity
  • IBM Public License
  • Sendmail Open Source License
  • Concerned about new GPL Version


Debian 哀悼失去兩位成員

Debian 兩位成員 Manuel Estrada Sainz (ranty) 和 Andrés García (ErConde) 最近離開在西班牙華倫西亞 (Valencia) 舉行的自由軟件會議時,回家途中一同在一場車禍中去世。

Debian Security

Debian Security Advisories

Debian Weekly News - May 11th, 2004

If you were a fan of the original PacMan game, you'll
probably like the New York version of
it as well. The FFII has learned that the
EU Council of Ministers has decided to ignore the EU Parliament, and instead
plan to establish a
reckless "patent everything" approach to software and business models.

  • Debian OASIS Membership
  • How much Documentation is there?
  • Debian-Installer Release Process Retrospective
  • Serial ATA-RAID on Debian
  • Draft for Modification of the DFSG
  • Debian Trademarks
  • Debian Mini-Conference at LinuxTag
  • Heise Portal running Debian
  • Debian License Summaries
  • Preferred License for Forums Content
  • Kernel Maintenance Group
  • PNG Library Maintenance
  • Bittorrents of current Debian Release
  • Debian with integrated XML Support


How to install Java on Debian woody R2 ?

I am a new user of Debian in Hong Kong . However , there are not so many discussion on Java running under Debian in HK .

After a lot of search on the Web , I find a way to to install Java on Debian woody easily.

I would like to share this to other Debian users . Such that they can find the way to install and run Java on their Debain. Does not need to spend a lot of time to search the web How to ( like me a poor man Sad ). Any comment to improve the installation are welcome .

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