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how to set 16:9 in virtualbox

I have install debian in virtualbox. Howwever, it is 4:3. How to set to 16:9 full screen? I have the VBoxLinuxAdditions. I have successfully set the resolution in Ubuntu and SUSE but failed in Debian?
Thank you.

Hong Kong Open Source Conference (HKOSCon) 2015 Call For Proposals

Hong Kong Open Source Conference (HKOSCon) is coming back! HKOSCon is an annual international open source conference in Hong Kong organized by the Hong Kong open source community. This year, the conference will be extended to two days from June 26 to 27.

Now, they are calling for proposals (CFP), if you are developers, users and promoters no matter from Hong Kong or oversea, you are welcome to submit proposals before Feb 28 2015.

Their website is http://2015.opensource.hk/.

First test post

first post for test

Flash ads, please make it stop

I really fricking hate Flash. Not that you needed to be told this. It kind of looks nice when it works, except when it crashes your browser. It eats your CPU time and is buggy, there's a word we use to refer to software like that, it's 4 letters, starts in an s and ends in a t.

How NOT to write software

The embedded routers available on the market these days are truly wonderful things. You buy one, it just works, you leave it there until there is a compelling reason to get a new one. Everybody is happy.

Oops! Just kidding! That's the way things ought to work, but it never days. Getting a router that works these days (perhaps with the exception of an Apple router, I guess) is largely a game of chance. Even doing due diligence by reading online reviews will not save you.

Debian mirrorsite speed

Hi every expert,

Recently I found that the most mirror site speed is arround 2xkb/s, nomatter HK local site or US site.

Could you mind telling me what's the problem of that?

Any method can boost the speed?


Anyone have installed debian on machine other than x86?

Anyone have installed debian on machine other than x86?

Recently I installed debian lenny on an IXP425 machine and see anyone have similar interest.


I want to ask how to make multi boot Live DVD with 1.HirensBoot 2.BartPE 3.ubuntu

As  I  found ,  when  we  have  such  multi boot  Live  DVD  for  servicing  PC  ,  it  is  quite  smart  and  powerful.
Therefore  I  planned  to  make  such  Live  Multi-Boot  DVD

Debian on QNAP project

Hello, all
Sorry that I don't know if the post is proper here.

I'm from QNAP, a network attached storage provider.
I would like to share the the news with some informative links about the Debian on ARM-based low-power system. The powerful Debian can also run smoothly on the 500MHz SoC platform.

Official site of "Debian on QNAP project"

[問] compile problem using 'make' command

dear all,

   i downloaded the no-ip client and wanna install it to my debian 4.0. but
when i input make there is tons of compiling error which is about missing
the .h files like stdio.h, stdlib.h..........many many .h files missing....

   i have installded the gcc, and also the related lib such as libc6,
libc6-i686 etc.

   what can i do to solve the problems. thanks a lot.


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