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Hong Kong 新春进步!

First test post

first post for test

Flash ads, please make it stop

I really fricking hate Flash. Not that you needed to be told this. It kind of looks nice when it works, except when it crashes your browser. It eats your CPU time and is buggy, there's a word we use to refer to software like that, it's 4 letters, starts in an s and ends in a t.

How NOT to write software

The embedded routers available on the market these days are truly wonderful things. You buy one, it just works, you leave it there until there is a compelling reason to get a new one. Everybody is happy.

Oops! Just kidding! That's the way things ought to work, but it never days. Getting a router that works these days (perhaps with the exception of an Apple router, I guess) is largely a game of chance. Even doing due diligence by reading online reviews will not save you.

touchpad 滾動

近來主要玩 EeePC touchpad 的 gesture。UNR 預設設定了:

在 EeePC 901 安裝 Ubuntu Netbook Remix

上周五假期終於動手把 Ubuntu Netbook Remix 安裝在我的 EeePC 901 中,開機和 eeepc 原本的 Xandros 差不多,但可用性就好得多,WiFi, camera 都可以運作。

又可以安裝 Medibuntu 上的 codecs, 不需要 lazyeeepc 了。





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